About Us

Randomeyes Boutique jewellery and accessories share a uniquely quirky twist - they are random everyday objects...with kawaii inspired googly eyes!

Junk food, drinks, crayons, guns, donuts, cereal boxes...anything that shouldn't have eyes, now does! Why? Well it's a strangely humbling experience to make eye contact with a donut. Browse our products to see what we mean...

Randomeyes Boutique takes an alternative view of the world and everything in it. We think it's time for the everyday objects we take for granted to stand up and be counted! Each and every item we create does more than just reflect your personality and style...they have a unique personality of their own too!

Unlike many mainstream gumball and kitsch jewellery designers, Randomeyes Boutique focuses on the concept of 'less is more'. We believe that when you have a toothpaste tube with googly eyes hanging around your neck you don't need any other charms or beads cluttering the chain to get noticed.

We even insist upon using black earwires, chains, clasps and findings on all of our jewellery and accesories to really make a statement. Each item is presented in a funky black Randomeyes Boutique gift bag, creating a truly unique, random gift idea for someone special (or yourself, of course!).

We hand-make all of our kawaii earrings, gumball bracelets, kitsch necklaces, cute rings, quirky pins, funky magnets, alternative hairslides, unique keyrings and cute mobile charms in our Peterborough studio to ensure that each piece is as individual as you. We also have a cute mirrors category, where you will find highly detailed, realistic mirrors in 8 different designs!

You can find exclusive limited edition and OOAK one of a kind products in our Specials shop. These are our unique, one of a kind (OOAK) jewellery and accessory designs, handmade with random kitsch charms we've discovered from around the world and fallen in love with, or charms we've created from scratch! As with all of our jewellery and accessories, every charm has Randomeyes Boutique's infamous googly eyes! These will only be available for a limited time, so make sure you grab your favourite design before it's gone forever!

Within the Specials section you can also help us raise funds for the mental health charity Mind, where £2.00 from each pair of our Googly Eye Stud Earrings will be donated to this very worthy cause.

If you have an idea for any jewellery or accessories that we don't currently stock, you can request a Customeyesed product...we aim to fulfil every request as closely as possible, nomatter how bizarre, so let your imaginatiion run wild!

So whether your style is quirky, kitsch, retro, vintage, kawaii, gumball, scene, OOAK, emo or DIY you can be sure that our statement jewellery and accessories will give you the unique edge you are looking for.